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What is the purpose of the Education Together Foundation?

The foundation exists to enhance educational opportunities for residents in the Junction City School District. It does this by providing funds through private contributions from both individuals and businesses.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

ETF provides scholarships for two kinds of students: Graduating High School Seniors, and adults interested in Continuing Education. Applications are electronic, and may be found on our website.

How can I donate to the Foundation?

Visit our Get Involved page which describes the varied and creative ways you can donate.

How long has the Foundation been in existence?

The Foundation was created in 1987.

Is the Foundation part of the School District?

No, the Foundation is a private corporation. Although it is associated with the public school district, it is separate from it.

Where do your funds come from?

The foundation is funded by contributions from residents of the Junction City School District, businesses and corporations, high school alumni, school district staff, and from other foundations.

How are the funds made available?

The Allocations Committee receives applications for grants and scholarships and select the recipients. Scholarships and grants are issued annually in May.

Who can receive scholarships and grants?

All Junction City School District residents, high school graduates, and employees who meet the criteria for the various scholarships and grants are eligible to receive funds. Please see our scholarships and grants pages for specific eligibility criteria.

Who operates the Foundation?

The Foundation is operated by a Board of Directors. Persons serving on the Board do so as volunteers and are not reimbursed for their work. There are up to 15 Directors.

What officer positions serve on the Board?

The Board is led by a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. Other Board positions include committee chairs.

What Board Committees exist?

Standing Board Committees include: Nominations, Policies & Bylaws, Scholarships, Endowments & ASDs, Grants, Marketing & Media, and Technology.

How long are board positions terms?

The term for a Board position is 3 years. Committee chairmanships and memberships are 1 year terms. Board officers serve for one year. Re-election is acceptable to all terms.

How often do the Board and Committees meet?

The Board meets once a month September through June on the evening of the second Thursday of the month. The Committees meet as necessary

What is the annual timeline for the Foundation?

Some fund-raising activities are on-going; applying for grants from other foundations is an example. However, the major fund drive is scheduled at this time for February and March. Grants are issued annually in May after applications are processed in April. The scholarship deadline is March 1.

Does the Foundation have paid staff?

No. The Foundation is a private corporation; and, although it is associated with the public school district, it is separate from it. The Foundation does have one part-time Administrative Assistant.