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Common Questions

How do I know if I was awarded a scholarship?

ETF notifies students by email (the same email address used in your application) if you were awarded a scholarship. The Awards Packets are emailed in late April or early May.

What is in the Awards Packet email?

The Awards Packet email contains vital information, including:

  • Awards Night information
  • Contact information for your donor (who is expecting a thank-you letter!)
  • Instructions for claiming your scholarship
How do I claim my scholarship?

Fill out our online Request for Funds form.

What are the deadlines for claiming my funds?

Education Together Foundation sends funds to institutions three times per school year. We recommend that you request funds as soon as you enroll.

Disbursement Period 1Requests funds by July 15Mails check to school by July 31
Disbursement Period 2Requests funds by September 15Mails check to school by September 30
Disbursement Period 3Requests funds by January 15Mails check to school by January 31
How soon can I submit my Request for Funds form?

The sooner the better! As soon as you know where you’re going to school, send in that form. Checks are disbursed three times per year according to the table above.

Do I have to submit the Request for Funds form in each disbursement period?

No. Your entire award is disbursed in one check.

How will my scholarship be applied to my tuition?

ETF doesn’t determine how the scholarship is applied. Schools typically divide scholarship funds evenly between all terms that you are enrolled, unless you specify otherwise. If you have special instructions about when to apply funds you must provide those details to your school’s financial aid office.

What happens if I am not able to request my funds by the last deadline?

Funds not requested by January 15 may be subject to forfeiture. If forfeited, the award amount will return to Education Together Foundation and will likely be awarded to a student in the next round of applications.

I need help. Who do I contact?